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Managing Your Assets

You as the Investing Client

You have the freedom to choose to interact with your financial professional through a fee-based or commission relationship, or both, based on your financial needs.

Vineyard Financial Group LLC

An investment advisor representative (IAR) provides financial guidance to their clients and is generally paid a fee for either managing assets and /or giving investment related advice, and is regulated through a registered investment advisor (RIA). 


As the RIA, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., processes the fee-based business of Vineyard Financial Group.  We are licensed with the firm.  Cambridge holds certain responsibilities for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities law.  As our broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., facilitates the buying and selling of securities on behalf of the registered representative licensed with the firm.  

Pershing Clearing Firm 

Firms such as Pershing LLC provide the trade execution, clearing, custody, and other services for the securities and related transactions. 

These entities are regulated and work together to serve the needs of the investing client while taking advantage of safeguards for physical protection of assets. 

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